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Academic Writing Support


Writing productivity research can be summarized in a single sentence: we need frequent, low-stress/high reward contact with a writing project we enjoy. Unfortunately, academic culture encourages the exact opposite: we have infrequent, high-stress/low reward contact with projects we come to dread. My mission is to help academics find ways to write more happily and productively, no matter how unsupportive their circumstances may seem.


In my book, columns, presentations and workshops I focus on the process of writing, rather than on the content. There are many useful books on how to write in an appropriately academic style, and on how the academic publication process works. What I offer instead are evidence and experience-based ways to write cheerfully and often, given the challenges of academic life.  

Contact me at to schedule a lecture, workshop or consultation on your campus.

       More about Write No Matter What in this article and this interview and this podcast and this podcast

Writing Advice Columns

Many of my tips and techniques for academic writing productivity can be found in my articles in ChronicleVitae, the Chronicle of Higher Education's online career hub.  


I am available to lead on-campus workshops to support academic writing, including:

  • Overcoming Writing Myths

  • Protecting Writing Time, Space and Energy

  • Dealing with Stalled Projects

  • Planning Summers and Sabbaticals

  • Becoming a Public Scholar


Writing Program Consultation

I can also design specific academic writing support options for your campus, focused on the expressed writing needs of your graduate students or faculty.  More information about elements in a successful faculty writing program here 

Henneke Faculty Writing Program

My insights on what hinders, as well as what supports, the academic writing process are drawn from my own writing struggles during 30+ years as a full time professor and scholar, my study of research on writing productivity, and on what I’ve learned designing and directing TU's Faculty Writing Program. For more about my program's offerings, see the  TU Faculty Writing Program description and brochure



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