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About Me


After majoring in biology and psychology at the University of Nebraska, I began a neuroscience PhD program at the University of Illinois.  I quickly realized that I’d rather write articles than cut up hamsters, so I switched to a master's program in journalism.  


This led me to the Institute of Communications Research, an interdisciplinary PhD program at the University of Illinois that introduced me to media studies. Since getting my PhD in 1985 I have been a media studies professor at the University of Virginia, the University of Texas-Austin, and since 1991, at the University of Tulsa.   [CV]


Throughout my academic career I have struggled to combine my academic writing with other commitments. What I’ve learned about overcoming obstacles to my own academic writing has led to my current focus--offering academic writing support to colleagues in the humanities, social sciences and sciences.  

Please contact me to arrange a campus visit, which can include presentations, workshops, individual consultations and program development.



Joli Jensen
The Writing Scholar

2118 East 60th Street
Tulsa OK 74105

Thank you for your interest. Please contact 918.557.3928 if I do not reply.




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