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Joli Jensen, PhD


Emerita Professor of Media Studies

University of Tulsa


Founding Director, Henneke Faculty Writing Program



It took me years to figure out how to write happily and productively as a scholar. To help my colleagues with their own academic writing struggles, I've written a book, developed a faculty writing program, and am now offering presentations, workshops, and consultations on academic writing issues.

Check out my academic writing advice columns in Vitae and my book Write No Matter What: Advice for Academics (University of Chicago Press 2017), which details ways to enhance writing productivity, overcome writing myths, maintain writing momentum, and create on-campus academic writing support.

As a media studies professor, I have written books and articles about our beliefs about media influence; the commercialization of country music; the social role of the arts; and fans and fandom.


My public scholarship deals with fame, arts advocacy, and antidepressants, and I continue to write essays on media and modern life,.






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